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Real stunt in cycle

showdown ng mga camera shyy

They want to show they can dance but they don't have the self confidence so they covered their faces

look at this verry funny

Look at this verry funny..

Sunset in Buzios 2

Winter sunset

Begging for food

See how people in Syria are begging for food even there is so less leftover..

Bad accident on Torkham Jalalabad Highway.

This is the most dangerous road goes to Kabul in Afghanistan and accidents accures on daily basis, goes unreported to on any media because of lack of communication and media outreach.

Beef banned in Maharashtra

Government has banned beef in Maharashtra state stating its illegal as they worship cow here .. Wow what a democracy.

Cow threat at calangute beach goa

This cow was seen threatening tourists in goa. Some cows are not getting proper treatments if they fall sick.One can see many cows roaming on the beach without anyone to look after. It seems to be happening because of the beef ban. The selling of these Cows has been reduced due to beef ban in most. Places of india. People are leaving their cow as it is as they are unable to meet these cows daily and medical needs.

Fort Pearce Point Nepean National Park

What a place... Based at the very end of Portsea, Victoria this stellar site is historic to where the navy/army used to have their barracks back in the day and it's absolutely amazing day down there.. Riding bikes and long walks to see this site!

Mountain Lion Playing

So very cute

A Filipina War Veteral During the Liberation of Leyte on the return of General Douglas McArthur to the Philippines during the 70th Leyte Gulf Landing in Palo, Leyte Philippines

Surviving veteran

Boat Joy ride

A family enjoying a boat joyride at the Rawal Lake in Islamabad, Pakistan ona fine autumn afternoon.

Tony Abbot protest

Tony Abbott Protest

A huge tree fallen on the middle of the road

A huge tree has fallen down at the linking road the posh locality of santacruz west Mumbai. This incident occurred at around 5 pm Tuesday 23 rd June 2015. The fire fighter team and rescue team were called for to rescue local and remove the debris

2 wheeler drive in abbasiya kuwait

2 wheeler drive at mid night at abbasiya kuwait by a kuwaiti guy

baba on fire

Baba jii danicing with a 16 yr girl

typhoon Glenda struck Manila

Strong wind wake me up at the middle of the night knowing it wasn't the storm so I came back to my bed. But when the sun rises this is the images I so outside of our house, so I took some video wind blows roofs are getting blown up trees falls. 10am the storm came and blow up all the things. While local men struggling to keep their roofs on in their house.

Accident cause traffic

An accident that caused traffic to a part of Zamboanga

Police Accepting Bribe

Caught on my Cam a police constable trying to accept bribe in New Delhi. See how greedy this police man is...

Car theft Elephant & Castle london

burning car South London

Genealogy Research for Family History

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints Genealogy Research volunteers helping people link their ancestors.

Best bus lashed footpath in Mumbai

Best bus lashed footpath in Andheri area of Mumbai on Saturday morning. No casualty reported

Heavy Traffic During Weekend

For those who will take routes heading south along Roxas Boulevard in Pasay City, think about it. Due to a small road construction between Airport Road area until in front of Lydia's Lechon near baclaran church, heavy traffic is at rage. Most of the vehicles get stuck heading southern areas and heading Airport Road. Drivers and commuters were upset and irate. The construction workers are the ones whose doing the traffic. No traffic enforcers are taking the responsibility. This traffic may take effect within the entire weekend. Alternative route is Macapagal Road. You may also check your traffic apps for other alternative routes.



Man yank auto riksha with his teeth

Funny video

Star of bollywood the great big b amitabh bachchan in kuwait

Famous bollywood actor amitabh bachchan in kuwait to open 3 branches of kalyan jewellers.. over 50000 people gathered to c him.. second video coming soon


Quote spotted on building facade

hill in rainy season

wet hill in rainy season

David Jason filming scenes for open all hours bbc

Filming scenes open all hours bbc David Jason

Congratulations to Malala Yousafzai

Congratulations to Malala Yousafzai of her nobel peace priza award

Heavy fog

Fog continous to blanket in major cities in Pakistan


beautiful bird

ocean grove looking east

The calm b4 the storm

Bus from inside hairdressers

Forgot to put handbrake on

Earthquake in Nepal

Victims of earthquake are now forced to live on roads

Sariab valley

Sariab valley of Baghal Kando in Ashtarlaye district, Daykundi province, Afghanistan

PAF Search and Rescue team

Unit 505 team is showing their new air ambulance to the officials

hey the traffic on Mass Pike Natick mass

stay away from the Mass Pike


Very smart app and cannot wait to see it become really big.

A shocking video on a man buring on the roof of a Mumbai local train

a man on the roof top of the local train roof was seen in a weird condution. The man was seen trapped between the electricity wire which gives current to the Mumbai local and was seen buring with fire and electric shock. The incident happened at the charni road railway station yesterday. The victim was rushed to saifee hospital.

GrinPa - japan

An Amusement Park at the Foot of Mt. Fuji

Prostitution Trade

Girls are being Rescued from the flesh Trade going on in New Delhi today Morning

David Jason autograph

David Jason autograph I had signed

Lighting in midland texas

Thunder storms on the way

girl in back in bike

On the road

Heavy Snowing in Kabul right Now 9:20pm

Its snowing in Kabul after a long pause.This winter people thought snow wont fall, but it did.also near Kabul a main road to badghees province is blocked frim last night and snow storm hit the area where electricit wires were destroyed and.Kabul was without electricity for about 24 hours.

Cars in water

In Lahore

Lady not happy . Buttercup stole her chair

thought this was adorable. My dog lady was not a happy camper. Buttercup our rabbit stole her chair


Wellington Mill. South Perth

Heavy rain wrecks car

Parked car totally damaged as tree fell on it due to heavy rainfall

Car crash Caulfield grammar Wheelers hill

Car crash at caulfield grammar school wheelers hill

Sunny beach

Hot weather in Te Anau NZ

World Cup cricket @ The WACA

Australia v Afghanistan.

Beautiful weather in Lahore 14-9-2014

Its raining in Lahore

Tortoise at Melbourne Zoo

Tortoise at Melbourne Zoo

Former security chief Zhou Yongkang formally charged

China's former security chief Zhou Yongkang has been formally charged with bribery, abuse of power and intentional disclosure of state secrets, the Supreme People's Procuratorate.

teargas and bullets shells

This is some of the tear gas shells n bullets shells which were fired by police on peaceful protest in islamabad on azadi march and inqilab march.

elefenta boat

cool boat at elefanta

Fresh Ice-cream made and served immediately...

Ice-cream made and served in less than a minute

jan 8 2015

Absulutely electric

city storm

storm hitting melbourne city

Man on the roof getting ready for Ruby.

A neighbor is reinforcing his roof for the landfall of the super typhoon Ruby. We are praying for everyone's safety.

Weather at Sialkot

Today Flood scene Small industrial estate Road Sialkot Pakistan

Plane crash

Light plane crash in paddock on Kilmore Lancefield road Lancefield. Believed to be 2 people killed.

Cement Mixer Accident

One person was killed while four others were severely injured after a cement mixer truck crushed a car on Mindanao Avenue, Quezon City on Tuesday, an official said. The car driver was declared dead on arrival at 7:32 p.m., the Metro North Medical Center and Hospital said.

Mr Chow Noodles - Live Demo

Head Chef Lee demonstrates for diners at Mr Chow Beverley Hills how he makes their famous noodles. Is this what gets Jerry Bruckheimer back for family dinners ?

Buddha Ashes

Dharmarajika, Taxila, Pakistan Lord Buddhas Ashes were found here.

Long road

The long road to nowhere

Two persons eating by feet


Heavy snow

Urumqi weather getting crazy

Train derailed at Mumbai Andheri today

Train derailed at Mumbai Andheri today

Street cleaner

no brain no pain. .. Carillon st Sydney Uni .. 2 ton street cleaner drives over plywood .. Funny not a parking inspector in sight .. No tickets for stupidity ..



Pick pockecters caught in bus

Two pick pocketers were beaten to pulp by public and handed over to police in 459 route bus in Mumbai

oresund bridge malmo

Took it in malmo sweden


illegal place getting destroyed in Mumbai

Rainport of chennai

Chennai airport entrace flooded due to floods in various part of chennai. More heavy rain forcasted


ugly weather in Virginia with rain clouds wind and cold weather

Tube well

Very funny

Storm over Sydney Harbour

Boat getting smashed on Sydney harbour


In China (xinjiang wulumuqi ) during snow a car stuck in the obstacles .. Drive could not control on the brake. Car sliped and go towards the obstacles .. Drive injured but out of danger ...

Ryoma echizen

Nice one

Clock tower

Tsim sha tsui Hong Kong at night

Flam, Norway

Beautiful Scenery of Flam, Norway

what it looks like on board a ship without a swimming pool

sort of fun despite the bad weather

The lack of Public Vehicles

My afternoon ride going to a conference today captured this, 2 women on a jeepney hanging which isn't normal for only men does it. But because of less jeepneys around they got no choice. This is bizzare and at the same time sad. How come government allows this to happen. President Aquino. Please have a heart for these women. They are students for crying out loud.

Double rainbow

on the drive home

crazy watch man demolish building with his hands goes wrong

Demolition man.. watch this crazy guy demolish building with his own hands goes wrong

Crab : Don't you dare ...SEE I GOT YOU NOW

Man : Bite my tongue...Three, Two, One... Crab : Don't you dare ...SEE I GOT YOU NOW STUPID..Now let me gooooooooooooooooooooo ..Lolzzz

Oxford Street

Beautiful colors in the center of London


12:22 PM PST -- The Marin County Sheriff's Office tells TMZ shortly before an ambulance was called Afeni expressed she had physical pain. She was with two other people who tried CPR after she fell unresponsive until paramedics arrived.Tupac's mother, Afeni Shakur, died late Monday night ... possibly from a heart attack. The Marin County Sheriff's Department says it responded to Afeni's Sausalito, CA home Monday around 9:43 PM for a report of a cardiac arrest. She was transported to a hospital ... where she was pronounced dead at 10:28 PM. Afeni was a philanthropist, founding and running the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation after her son's death. She was also a Black Panther ... and defended herself in court when she was accused of multiple bombings in 1970. As keeper of all things Tupac, Afeni greenlit the biopic, "All Eyez on Me" ... which just recently wrapped filming. As TMZ first reported ... she was in the middle of an ugly divorce battle -- her estranged husband is demanding $10k per month ... for life. The Marin County Sheriff says the coroner will investigate to determine the exact cause of Afeni's death. She was 69 years old.

Hyundai certa test drive accident

Hyundai certa's accident during test drive in Mumbai pune highway today

school bus lost control and fell on a lake

A school bus consisting of 38 childrens fell in a lake. No harm caused.. only driver is injured.. incidident happened today in karnataka india

Kurnell tornado

Some photos of the damage from the Kurnell tornado

pornography on big screen

dongbei city in china, suddenly public porn screening camera and traffic stops abruptly

Bagyong senyiang at naga cebu city

@naga cebu city

bayanihan (cooperative undertaking)

This moment was captured in august 30, 2014 in bogo city, Philippines. Where Singaporean volunteer of CHARIS organization and philipino volunteer of COUPLES FOR CHRIST. In the Philippines this is what we called bayanihan..we're people helping together working together for the works will be much easier. Its and all tradition and culture of the pilipino.

2 car accident. Crn sunshine ave.

failed to giveaway.

artificial rainbow

in garden i acpture i rainbow view


That is a record ... 16 inches of snow never had that amount .last time we had 12 inches of snow was in year 1981 worlds record