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Red light runner

Car runs red light at Stevens Street And High street Southport

Firefighters enter property to battle out of control fire

Fire in Launching Place coming onto farmland. Firefighters entering paddocks to stop fire

huge tree fell on a car at hill road

A tree collapses on a car at hill road near police station.

Local Train Accident

A local train at churchgate station got brakes failed and crossed the main flatform this morning...

Emojan dribbling

Heyy friends

Snowy America

Enjoy the live snow from USA , Boston Massachusetts




Baby girl, cute girl celebrating independence day...

Story Bridge

Pic taken evening before wild storms on 1-5-2015

dangerous highway

this is one of the dangerous highway in india kashmir..drivers have to be very careful

Born to be wild!!!

Harley Davison for the little ones!!

Spirit of freedom

Newzbidders from India celebrate Independence Day by wearing tricolour Newzbid handbands resembling Indian flag..!

Brewd Cafe Port Melbourne

Photo of Brewd Cafe Fire in Port Melbourne


Car smashed down and stuck on a gutter old Geelong road hoppers crossing

Paper truck on fire in Bondi


Man on the roof getting ready for Ruby.

A neighbor is reinforcing his roof for the landfall of the super typhoon Ruby. We are praying for everyone's safety.

Fire Accident in bus

Urumqi xinjiang china yesterday fire the bus , no one dead in fire accident , within 15 minutes fire controlled by fire fighters team .

Capturing Sicily

I was trying to capture a good view of Sicily Island here.

Protest against government and supporters in Kabul today 2:45 pm

Protest was main Masjid of Baghe bala.Kabul there were security police becaouse its a sensitive area just the door of Intercontinental hotel Kabul.

Angle of KFC fire from building terrace

Huge fire broke out at KFC building linking road bandra in Mumbai few minutes ago .. The entire shopping centre is affected .. 8 fire vans reached at the spot and they are trying to make sure no one is stuck inside the building. Heavy rains making it difficult for the fire brigade team to conduct the rescue operation. The reason is said to be due to short circuit

Balance in Nature

Captured this while hiking in the woods.

Arcane Echo

Arcane echo - DJ playing at EH

tornado at bogo city cebu


where is the street at??

Video from Phoenix Arizona, the desert also known as the "sunshine state" it has been storming all night into early this morning you rarely see Phoenix flooded like this

what it looks like on board a ship without a swimming pool

sort of fun despite the bad weather

Typhoon marlon

Several houses was damage thru typhoon marlon

The Gold Ghost

How is he doing that?

NSW floods, Nepean river, Penrith

This is a video showing the flooding and water level on the Nepean river in NSW Australia

Never play with petrol pipe

Guy putting petrol on his bike n bike burn suddenly

Flash Flooding in Chinatown Melbourne

Flash Flooding in Chinatown Melbourne following Thunderstorm

Dark cloudy day in hollywood,FL

Sad weather day in Hollywood, FL

Waiting for moula

Borah people waiting for their moula to greet him agripada

Mumbai train accident

Churchgate stn....Train didnt stopped, went onn and overlapped platform.

Boxer tackles a sausage

Tackles his best mate sausage dog lulu and pins her down for no apparent reason

Crowd gather outside Superstar Amitabh bachan's house

Every Sunday fans of Amitabh bachan converts into a huge crowd to have a glimpse of superstar

Motorbike over cliff face on Macquarie Pass NSW

Motor bike rider went off the end of a cliff face on macquarie pass. Massive emergency service response 17/9/16. Still unfolding

So, which button do I press to mute your annoying voice?

Apparently Claire doesn't like people talking over the sound of her own voice

Salman' s request to Pakistan ..!

Film star salman Khan tweets a controversial tweet in the morning which is not available on the internet now. Salman Khan had to delete this tweet as a huge controversy erupts. Salman Khan condemned the death sentence of Yakub Memon who was a convict of 1993 Mumbai blast. Salman also addresses Pakistan's Nawaz sharif in a tweet request him to inform india if there are any other terrorist s in Pakistan who were among main culprits of 1993 Bombay bomb blasts

Gorilla's in the pub!!

Fancy a pint?! This is what greets customers at a pub in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, UK. A giant Gorilla sits in the garden whilst you and your friends sit to have a drink. It has a lifelike stare and you can also have your picture taken with you sitting on its hand!

Don Dale Protest, Flinders St Melbourne (Med, Protestor Giving Instruction with a Megaphone, Static)

Protestors gather at the intersection of Flinders and Swanston Streets in Melbourne to protest the treatment of children abused at Northern Territory’s Don Dale detention centre.

Angry mum strikes again

Angry mum isn't happy about being disturbed lol

Body found in Laneway in St Kilda

A body has been found in a Laneway near the corner of Inkerman St. And St Kilda Rd in Melbourne. Police suspect foul play.

night view of muzaffarabad

This photo taken in muzaffarabad Kashmir in night by my brother

Amazing view

This amazing place is in Antalya-Turkey

Race Track Karachi

Early morning car testing

Prince armaan crown prince of dubai goes fishing

Crown prince of dubai prince armaan goes fishing

Out of limit

fun but out of limit

Sunrise in Dumaguete

after Tropical storm queenie, a beautiful sunrise in dumaguete even though there is a new low pressure area forming

CROSSES (sins)

Crosses of Saint Thomas Mount ..Malayatur.Kerala.

kashmir name of beauty

Picture was taken by my brother 1years bck

try to kill

In urumqi there is person caught by police he try to kill road side walking people with knife .some injured seriously

It's raining crazy in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

It's raining crazy in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Black sand beach

Hawaiian landscapes

Beautiful morning

Morning look at La Mesa Dam, Philippines


in urumqi ´╝îsuicide at xinjiang medical hospital he jumped from hospital building

Welcome to Canada

I think I'm going to be a little late today for work. Taken yesterday February 25th in Ontario, Canada.

Harvest Moon Down Under

The supermoon from my backyard

Tour Pic

Tour Photo

Angry mob

A bike set on fire by the angry mob.

Auckland City

Chilly Friday night in Auckland City, New Zealand.

Lighting in midland texas

Thunder storms on the way


bom In alathamea iraq baghdad

Girl Power

Display of the Girl Power..

Stanthorpe snow

Heaviest snow for amiens, stanthorpe in 30 years, about 2cm so far

careless so called indian

People sleeping on the road divider of the major passing area of the city...

Typhoon Hagupit (Ruby)

River flows deep! That came to the houses near it, as you can see houses are getting sink by the rushing flow of the muddy river.

Oxford Street

Beautiful colors in the center of London

guess whoz hiding

Cold weather outside


Rally against terriorts attack peshawar tragedy

Good weather behind class suspension in Cavite Province

Good weather behind class suspension in Cavite Province.

The new 2015 mustang. If u want a new car, u should get this one.

Price range- depends on the extras that u get( like strips).

Boat fire


Train derailed at Mumbai Andheri today

Train derailed at Mumbai Andheri today

wooden house sensitive place to live

This photo taken in Kashmir jungle

Turkish protestors downtown Munich

No IS flags. No terrorism flags. Downtown Munich

Asta playing before Allday 2015 in freo

she's amazing

Trails in the sky

Long exposure capture of Pakistan Army Helicopters flying in close formation over the Pakistani capital at night.

Unhappy Residents?

Seems like my close neighbors an I aren't the only unhappy people with this new Metro Train Driver that uses both horns at unnecessary points and times, and at those times almost always empty! "Grovedale line." I always walk the dog along there and that rock is new! I may of herd it i think, I always listen and watch the other big trains VLINE ect! Love them but this new guy wakes the kids up all night....

gun shooting

Two men come abd shoots a man while he is talking on phone

Unexpected Thief

Captured by CCTV

Snow fall

Snow fall view in Urumqi

App craze..... He was busy uploading a video in newzbid and get irate when someone took his phone from him... check it out

New generation

Oct 6 as of the moment Manila flooded

Oct 6 as of the moment Manila flooded after a few hours of heavy rains


Snow is so deep no one cant drive there vehicles its so large amount of snow goverment and schools close until further notice..


You will like it

Only one twat in all of this mess

Malcolm Turnbull on the campaign trail

Car crash in wantirna

Car crash in wantirna out front of Knox city on burwood highway


An evening in Petra

Cool change hitting Melbourne CBD Brings relief from 40+ degree temperatures.

Cool change hitting Melbourne CBD Brings relief from 40+ degree temperatures.

Morning in Italy


Car accident narre warren

Rolled ute into power pole

Protest Against Peshawar insident In Bahawalpur

Killing of inocent flowers is shameless

Ice truck @Work during heavy snowfall in Boston USA

Ice truck @Work during heavy snowfall in Boston USA

Luxury at it's finest

Mercedes Benz roaming the streets of Zakho, Kurdistan

Nick Saban

Walking into to stadium of the University of Alabama

Manila bay Sunset

It took my breath away, that was the words I said when I saw this beautiful sunset in Manila bay here in the Philippines.

surfers paradise

what is going on with the water. view from level 50 soul building

US Army Vehicle passing from busy Baharistan Square 5.11.2014 1:00pm

Still US military cars moves open and free even after sucide attackes.

Pink Summer

Vibrant pink sunset

Ghost town

As I was walking somewhere in libis, It really caught my attention that the city was like in the haunted movie, no people passing by which is very rare to the city